Simple rules of naturism during a boat trip

People have been getting naked in public for reasons other than sex for centuries. But being a nudist is more complicated than simply dropping trou.

Imagine a summer morning in the big blue Aegean sea on a sailboat feeling the summer breeze and the sun all over your naked body. Can you imagine a more peaceful, natural, and pleasant moment?

Sailing in Greek Islands is the ultimate touch with all the elements of nature but this great touch can be achieved when there is nothing in between you and nature, when you give yourself in this situation without clothes, in a natural way.

A naked person feels free, humble, and totally happy in harmony with the environment. That’s why naturism is a behavior that people easily adopt on a sailing trip. It is like a release of their being into the sea, the sun, and the wind.

If you wish to follow naturism you better have in mind some simple rules. Especially for nautical, naturism, it is crucial to remember the followings :

  1. Every time your boat stops in a harbor make an exception and wear some light clothes. There are a lot of people in a port, people that not all of them share your respect for naturism. When the night falls even in a harbor on your deck you can be nude but first, make sure that the neighbors don’t have any problem with that. In other cases, wear a tiny swimsuit or a caftan …
  2. Cooking on a boat is a nice experience because it’s like dancing. The boat is swinging all the time and you should be extra careful while you are cooking. So, if you intend to cook nude on a boat maybe it is not a good idea. It is more possible to get burnt by hot water or to lose your balance and get a bruise if you are nude around the kitchen. So, a good solution is to wear an apron, you stay sexy, free, and protected
  3. During a cruise, it is possible sometimes to be in risky situations. If the wind is strong or the weather unpredictable you are advised to be in an appropriate look. Don’t think that you will lose your aspect of vacation, wear a T-shirt and shorts just to be ready in case you will be asked by your captain to wear a lifejacket. It is not pleasant to wear a lifejacket directly on your skin. When you arrive at a secluded buy take off all your clothes and enjoy it! Feel like a castaway and get the perfect tan!
  4. Stay nude but healthy and safe! Protect your skin from infections and every time you sit or you lie use a towel. Enjoy your drink, the suntan, a play, your music on the deck always nude, and always on a clean towel. Also, don’t forget to apply sun cream all over your body. The sun is strong but you are protected you can take delight from the light rays directly on your skin. Maybe clothes and swimsuits are optional but hats on a boat are compulsory. Sunscreen and a big hat are your alleys against sunburn and for a healthy skin
  5. What makes a vacation on a sailboat special and unforgettable is swimming in the magical totally clean blue waters in the middle of the sea, away from the crows in a paradise atmosphere. What completes this picture is for sure the sense to swim totally naked. Nothing between you and the water, like a fish, without limits in your movements and in your senses. Furthermore, when you go out of the water you feel renewed by the summer wind and discharged by the moisture of the swimsuit’s textile.
  6. Nudism shouldn’t be provocative. As you wish your choices to be respected by other persons you have to respect other’s people attitudes on nudism. If your boat is in an area along with other boats or in a busy marine remember that most people think that it is embarrassing or disrespectful to be nude around them. People can be very angry in these cases and there is no point to try to explain to them what naturism means. You may be accused of misconduct and have even legal problems. So, in an area with people around that are not naturists even on your deck wear something gentle because if you are not lucky people look at your deck and seek for troubles …..
  7. Show your values and the high-mindedness of naturism in action. Protect the sea treasures from your trash, gather all your rubbish, and be careful not to leave any pieces in the sea waters. Plastic threat sea life and sailors should show a responsible attitude, especially naturist sailors. Try not to use chemicals on your boat in order to avoid chemical wastes that end in the sea.
    Above all, a memorable and fantastic cruise depends on your captain and on your discipline in his/her commands. If you follow them it is sure that you will enjoy your trip without unpleasant moments. Ask for a naturist friendly skipper and start your travel but always remember to comply with the rules above in order to preserve your perspective of life and vacation and in balance with the rules of a sailing trip. Enjoy nudism which expresses your self–respect, your tolerant spirit, and your ecological awareness.
  8. Finally, there’s an immutable rule on board any ship that we can call the eighth rule: To the captain, thou shalt obey! The captain is the only authority on board. To obey him or her is to guarantee the safety of all the crew and the smooth running of the cruise. So, when he or she gives an order, don’t argue! Obey! If you want to discuss it, wait until the next meal. It will always be a better time to discuss the details of any given order and to express disagreement or ask a question. A boat is a relatively small place. Consensus and efforts are necessary. It is only at this price that you will totally appreciate your moment on board.

Those are a few tips to enjoy a nude cruise, which I hope will be useful to enjoy your moment at sea and to spend as much time as possible naked.

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